12 Best tattoo locations for men

Want to get a tattoo? But you don’t know where you should wear it. Today, I will show you 12 tattoo locations to get tattoos.

1. Inside the forearm

The inside of the forearm is a very pleasing location. Because you can see it by looking down, it’s a beautiful thing to appreciate your own tattoo when you’re bored. And the skin on the inner forearm is generally better, the area is larger than the wrist, and the pattern that can be accommodated is relatively large.  The first tattoo locations I recommended

forearm tattoo

2. Outer arm

Wearing a three-quarter sleeve tee shirt is enough to cover all the tattoos. when you roll up the sleeves, it is just right there. 

upper arm tattoo

3. Inside the upper arm

These tattoo locations are relatively private. Wear sleeveless or short sleeves when you want to show your tattoos. Wear long sleeves or middle sleeves if you don’t.

upper arm tattoo

4. Tattoo sleeve

I won’t say much about the tattoo sleeve. Super nice

tattoo sleeve

5. Shoulder blades.

If you want to find a relatively hidden and painless place to get tattoos, then the back of the shoulder blades is one of the great tattoo places.

Shoulder blades tattoos

6. Neck

The neck is one of the “sensitive tattoo locations” for many people, it’s handsome and mysterious.

Neck tattoo

7. Chest

Tattoos that match the chest muscles are also sexy.

Chest tattoos

8. Calf

The calf is also a great position to match the muscle line.Calf tattoo

9. The back


tattooed men

10. Ankle

You can choose some small and delicate patterns on the ankle, regardless of the line or geometry, you can easily hold itleg tattoos

11. Back of hands, fingers

Sportsman loves it so much, but the tattoo location is special, tattoos on these tattoo locations are easy to fade.

tattooed men

12. One of the sexy parts of the side ribs

tattooed men

In fact, there are still many tattoo locations that are worth recommending for men, such as the legs, face, behind the ears, etc., But there are still some special positions, so you must consider it when choosing a tattoo. The position of the hands and feet is easy to fade.

3 thoughts on “12 Best tattoo locations for men

  1. razvangamil says:

    hands and fingers? tattoos on fingers are easy to fade. I don’t think it’s good place

  2. spacecowboy says:

    Thanks a lot you really helped me with this article, now im sure where to get my tattoo❤️❤️❤️

  3. Blyaction says:

    Cool…My first tattoo was a big one, with full color and shading – on my foot. That was a wild start

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